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About Hope This Helps

What is HTH?

Hope This Helps is an IT-focused podcast where Tiff and Steve talk about sysadmin life. Topics we tend to gravitate towards include Microsoft 365, PowerShell, Exchange, cloud computing, and other technologies we find interesting.

When does HTH record?

We don't really have a super concrete schedule. We try to record weekly, but life happens sometimes. This podcast is not our main gig: Steve and Tiff are both FTE sysadmins. In order to be adequate sysadmins and produce a great podcast for sysadmins, we have to BE sysadmins by day. We'll first livestream it to our Twitch channel (see top bar for link) and push out a fully edited/produced episode to podcast apps a few days later. We make no promises on whether or not we adhere to this schedule!



Tiff is an Exchange goddess and is amazing at Office 365 as well as keeping tabs on emerging technology.


Jen (producer) puts the Pro in Logic Pro and makes our podcast sound amazing.


Steve is a sysadmin by day and professional social distancer by night. He specializes in PowerShell and server management. He also coded the site.