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HTH0002: Denominoes

Pre-Show - 00:00

• PowerShell/Command Prompt/scripting vs the GUI
• 02:03 Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Intro - 02:56

• 90s Nickelodeon and theme songs/music
• 05:45 We made it to episode 2
• We've Learned
○ No phone on the charger next to the mic

iOS makes Steve mad - 06:58

• No PowerShell even via iSH
• Automatic updates don’t work
• Reminders don’t work
• Control Center motion inertia regression
• Mail app sucks
• (Not mentioned but still true: iOS 13 Files App and SMB Server support is awful)
• Wifi is wonky / It's always just Apple that has wifi problems?
• The iPhone 4 launch, choosing a Droid Charge over it, and Antennagate
• I still prefer it over Android
• The LG Ally and the evolution of the LG enV / Voyager / enV Touch
• The Samsung Droid Charge and choosing it over the iPhone 4
• Tiff's first phone
• Steve's first phone

“Unplanned Outage” (Sponsor section - "Hope this Helps is helped by…") - 17:24

• Don't Drink and Prime

Pentium 4 Linux - 21:36

• Windows 7 is End-of-Life in mid January 2020
• Steve tried putting Linux on a P4 and all the problems he's encountered
• IDE to SD adapter: Worked till post install reboot
• SSD in Hyper-threaded P4: Mint Live refused to log in

Tech News - 29:45

• CES round-up
○ Female-centric products
○ CES is boring now
○ Car Tech, and the need to standardize self-driving protocols
○ A Windows XP netbook was at CES 2020
○ Veeam has been acquired by Insight Partners
§ Correction: BackupExec is owned by Veritas (formerly Symantec), not Samsung
○ Delta released their vision of the future of flying, e.g. "magic mirror" screens
• Other tech events during the first half of the year
• Where/When will the next Microsoft Build/Ignite be?
• 44:44 Microsoft has released new security defaults for Azure AD

The Logitech G604 mouse, a worthy successor to the G700s? - 48:06

• The G700s is discontinued and there's basically no equivalent/replacement
• Various hardware faults/repairability of the G700s
• The G604 is a comparable replacement: Lighter, but less sturdy
• The Logitech Gaming Software wasn't great
• The removeable cord of the G700s

Ask the Stiffs? Question of the week! - 55:23

• What should you use for editing PowerShell? Visual Studio Code
• Following up on last week: What is the most ridiculous drawing you made in MS Paint and can you re create it?
• Get-Lit.ps1
• S***.txt
• InnaGaddaDaVida.ps1

Outro - "Plus Delta” - 59:55

• Parting words
○ Make a sentence using only autocorrect
○ Write-in topic: Send us your predictive goodbyes!