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HTH0004: We Say Daddy A Lot

Steve wrote a function to get item counts in PSTs 2:25

• Started with an unsatisfying script found online
• New script can drill into an indefinite amount of subfolders
• The solution is recursion
• Reminds Tiff of MFCMAPI

Uploading PSTs to Office 365 9:45

• Data Governance -> Import
• More Azure technologies being used to support O365 administration
• You can upload a PST to Azure Blob Storage and then import it into someone's mailbox
• Tiff discusses the new eDiscovery tool

Microsoft is forcing a Bing Extension onto Chrome users 15:30

• "The change takes place beginning with Version 2002 of Office 365 Pro Plus, and it will affect both new installations and existing installations as they're automatically updated."
• We still <3 Bing Rewards though

The New Windows Clipboard 19:43

• From 1809 onward
• Completely reinvents the way you handle moving of data
• Open Settings
• Click on System
• Click on Clipboard
• Turn on Clipboard history
• Enables a new shortcut: Windows + V
• Remembers multiple copied items and lets you select them on demand
• Has a few bugs in certain applications (Excel), and won't really pass through RDP.

Git It (What are some cool utilities on GitHub?) 23:30

• Tiff's picks:
§ Highlight: PowerRename
• Steve's picks:
○ Caprine
○ Spleeter
○ PowerShell
○ Dolphin
○ StevenBlack Hosts
○ Google Play Music Desktop Player

What is Microsoft going to Thelma and Louise? 32:33

• O365 EOS roadmap
• Search-Mailbox cmdlet is going away, update your scripts!
• SharePoint Classic is being sunset? Microsoft has been historically unclear on its end-of-life timeline
• Office 2013 to O365 support is ending, as is Office for Mac 2016
• Basic authentication

Variety Hour 39:05

• A brief tangent about POP and IMAP
• A brief tangent about Doctor Who and House MD
• Another somewhat major vulnerability is discovered (this time with IE), no patch till February (CVE-2020-0674)
○ "Consider using Microsoft Edge or an alternate browser until patches are made available."
From <>
• Microsoft Edge, Chromium, WebKit, and the IE-ification of Google Chrome

Steve does PowerShell 46:57

• Custom objects

Ask the Stiffs? Question of the week! 50:15

• What is your favorite Windows Shortcut?
• A tangent about George Costanza and a wallet full of receipts