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HTH0005: The Revolution Will Be Pushed Out Via Browser Extension

Boot-Up (Intro…random topics) :15

• Boston accents
• Shoutout to iTunes and their Podcast directory glitch
• Computer start-up sounds

AARPCs - Old hardware/Product Longevity Discussion 19:00

• Macs vs PCs - compare a 10 year old Mac to a 10 year old PC in terms of support
○ If both are taken care of, the PC wins
• Artificial Obsolescence via end of software support
○ Android is really bad with this
○ iOS and macOS also bad when looking long term (>5 years)
• Steve has several desktop/laptop PCs over a decade old that either are supported.
○ Oldest Macbook still supported is the 2013 MBP (Correction: it's the 2012)
○ 2007 iMac went until MacOS El Capitan (released 2015, final update was July 2018)
○ P4 Dell Dimension from 2004 is still capable of running a supported OS under Linux Mint
• Linux (Where available) can extend the life of hardware

MBOX to O365 25:10

• It's possible with Thunderbird
• IMAP your Exchange account + map the MBOX
• ImportExportTools-NG is the extension
• Don't use with Exchange

Windows Patching and You 30:30

• What is channel binding, and ldap signing and why do you care?
• What does this patch do, and what could it break?

The IT DEEP STATE: The Virus formally known as Bing 36:24


“Unplanned Outage” (Sponsor section - "Hope this Helps is helped by…") 43:28

• Shooting smartphone video horizontally

A quick follow-up on the Pentium 4 Linux project from HTH0002 44:55

• Successful install that persists through a reboot
• Solution: Move IDE SD card adapter to a slot that contained a CD drive. Power issue?
• Now persists across reboots, GRUB works
• XFCE > Cinnamon for the P4, performance-wise
• Current challenge is overcoming a screen res issue, unplugging second monitor fixes it temporarily

Ask the Stiffs: Question of the Week 48:16

• What's your method of backing up your data?
HTH Blog: Backing Up Your Data