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HTH0006: Don't Put The Egg Back In The Chicken

Boot-Up (Intro…random topics) 00:15

• Some guy thinks Steve's Gmail is his and orders things on
• Steve gets the receipts and notifications.
• Patch your Philips Hue
• Bug in the Zigbee protocol via the Philips Hue Bridge
• Microsoft caves on Bing in Chrome:
• Tiff got into a Twitter “argument” with Tony Redmond
• You can now Yammer via OWA (Yammer still exists?)
• Teams multi channel posting and OWA integration
• Teams growing pains
• Teams Outage – Forgotten renewed cert
• O365 portal outage

The Windows 10 Start Menu Search breaks 19:18

• Reg fix available, no reboot needed in most cases

If Steve could reinvent Apple 23:25

• Put touch screens on Macbooks
• Combine iOS and macOS hardware/software. Like macOS Catalyst but expanded
• (See the iPad section)
• Get rid of the Touch Bar
• Stop dumbing down macOS, look back to Snow Leopard and go from there
• Get away from bad subscription models or combine them all into one
• Make iCloud a top tier cloud provider instead of the toy that it currently is
• Get back to making hardware that isn't flavor-of-the-week/artsy junk

Steve does PowerShell 41:13

• Error handling and null checks for cmdlets that do not properly react to try/catch
• O365 command throttling workarounds
• Microsoft Flow (Power Automate)

Ask the Stiffs: Question of the Week 53:30

• Things you do when your coworker's computer is unlocked
• David Hasselhoff - The "Hoff"