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HTH0008: A Replacement Rug

Boot-Up (Intro…random topics) 00:18

• DNS over HTTPS live in Firefox:
• GitHub Desktop does not support multiple accounts, but you CAN run multiple instances of it with "run as different user" in Windows!
• CortanaVirus: "We've tightened access to Cortana so that you must be securely logged in with your work or school account or your Microsoft account before using Cortana, and some consumer skills including music, connected home and third-party skills will no longer be available in the updated Cortana experience in Windows 10."
• Some MS Certs are going away:

Into the (Basic) Authknowwwwwwwwn (UGH GOD WHY) 13:36

• Basic Auth Going Bye-Bye, along with the old PowerShell method of connecting to EXOL 🙁
• Basic Auth ruined my life.. Because in order to get all of the devices I have to learn something new
• "We’re still working hard on the code, have some customers working on this with us already, and will have more to say on this in the next couple of months. Please be patient, we know many of you are desperate to get your hands on something that works, we’re working really hard to deliver that to you."
• New Module: Install-Module -Name ExchangeOnlineManagement
• No PSSession aliasing support in the new module…EXOP/EXOL sessions might not be easily possible without having to alias on-premise session instead?

Let's be TEAMSmates 27:19

• New Team's Features, such as Outlook Integration
• Oh, and you know an Org wide Team being created for any org smaller than 5k

Play that Function Music White Boy 35:49

• Let's discuss PowerShell Advanced Functions!
HTH Blog: Advanced Functions

Steve SCCMs You A New One 43:10

• Let's lightly discuss SCCM (MemCM) Applications, detection methods, deploying, updating, etc.
HTH Blog: Updating SCCM Apps - The Fun and Easy Way (GUI)

Ask the Stiffs: Question of the Week 49:42

• Are you Team gif or Team Jiff? Team Jpeg or Team Gheypeg? Pee Enn Gee or Pee En Ghee?