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HTH0009: We Went to BurgerTown Today

Boot-Up (Intro…random topics) 00:16

• Raccoons and wildlife
• Various podcast housekeeping items
• Facebook, Twitter, Bathroom Magazines
• Ways to remove blue light from your life
• PowerShell 7 is officially out:
• Out-GridView is the best
• You can now update your user info, change your password, and more in the authenticator app
• The Coronation ceremony: Microsoft Teams Giving Away Paid Features for Six Months Due to Coronavirus
• Wash your hands, work from home, be sensible about COVID-19 please! PPE!
• Free Microsoft domains (patched now):
• Writing documentation: Mostly screenshots or purely text?
• VSCode ISE Experience:
• Copying and pasting code from ISE/the internet is dangerous due to quotes/character encoding

Exchange Online PowerShell Module V2 (EXOPMv2) 28:20

• FOLLOW-UP FROM LAST WEEK: Connect-ExchangeOnline DOES support prefixing, there is a command switch. It was just not documented on the official page:
• However, note that the new get-EXO commands are NOT prefixed, regardless.
• Doesn't work in PowerShell 6 or 7, only 5.1 and below:
• "Microsoft says that they’re considering upgrading other cmdlets. However, they can’t yet say what cmdlets are suitable candidates for upgrade or when more might be available."
• New cmdlets still seem to perform slower than their old counterparts when measured with measure-command at small scale, but does better at large scale for get-mailbox at least
• "The initial slowdown is because the cmdlets support pagination, so when a cmdlet begins to process a set of objects, it sorts the objects to allow the cmdlet to resume processing from a retry point should the need occur. During this period, the cmdlet is also evaluated against RBAC. I call this the “warm up” phase, and once it’s finished, access to the objects is fast and robust."

Help needs Help 38:10

• Update-help doesn't work as intended out of the box
• Correct syntax: "powershell Update-Help -Verbose -Force -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue"

Graph: Where do I draw the line? 39:40

• Blarg! F@$*! I hate GRAPH!
• Graph PowerShell SDK Preview:

Variety Hour 42:20

• Unsecured LDAP calls
• The Basic Authpocalypse: MFA/Modern Auth/End of Basic Auth = no more Office 2010 or ActiveSync for you
• ActiveSync on Palm OS, it was a thing once:
• Microsoft Endpoint Manager and SCCM:
• If you have Intune licensing, you have SCCM licensing:

An update on Steve's Pentium 4 Linux adventures 49:26

• Swapped to Peppermint OS for one system with the dual monitor bug
• Removed SD card IDE adapter (too many glitches) in favor of a traditional IDE drive
• Linux Mint XFCE on the other single monitor system
• X11vnc / NoMachine / AnyDesk with a huge bug/update patch
• Raspberry Pi NAS project starting soon
• How to pronounce Debian

More Variety Hour 56:18

• Yu-Gi-Oh and pronunciation of Seto Kaiba and how it related to pronouncing Keto
• Anime
• 90s Nickelodeon
• Rumble Pak
• Forwarding topic being deferred to HTH0010

Ask the Stiffs: Question of the Week 01:03:12

• Do you have any funny "war stories" from jobs' past?