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HTH0013: Thanks Chad

Alternate episode name candidates:

  • COBOL Stands for Job Security

Boot-Up (Intro…random topics) 00:18

• Correction: The Ascension happens on the 40th day of Easter, not the 12th.
• Join Team SNHU (ID 209894) for folding@home
• Steve installed Wine on Peppermint OS 10 Respin (based on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS), which required extra legwork to resolve dependency errors
• MFA is tricky for some Powershell cmdlets
MSOL aka Microsoft SOL
○ "On the first day, when the impact was most severe, we didn’t acknowledge the incident for approximately five hours, which is substantially worse than our target of 10 minutes. This lack of acknowledgement leads to frustration and confusion, and we apologize for that as well." --Chad
• MS Graph PowerShell, I wish I could test it more
• Why does iOS come up with a "$appname has been using your location x times in the background, do you want to allow this?" and then it immediately disappears?
Twitter went off the deep end regarding privacy
Firefox makes a controversial change to its address bar
Community Revolt
Ars Technica Article
COBOL --- but why?

Raspberry 3.141592654 26:56

• Updating Plex container
• Remote access: OpenVPN - container vs plugin?
○ Container requires DDNS
○ Plugin isn't a container and who knows how long it'll be supported
• Backup strategies - Rsync, SyncBack, robocopy, OMV backup plugin for OS

"Unplanned Outage" (Sponsor section - "Hope this Helps is helped by…") 33:13

• Snow Cloud... only we can make cloud migrations a downhill event

Teams Facelift 34:10

New Features in Teams
• PSA: Evict Skype

Other Stuff 50:28

Exchange FindTime
• (Editor's note - this feature is available in Google Calendar, it might be why they're pushing it)

Ask the Stiffs: Question of the Week 56:10

• What is the best Zoom or Teams custom background to date?
Twitter Thread