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HTH0016: Pile o' Dongles

Boot-Up (Intro…random topics)

Azure DevOps

  • Transferring in from GitHub
  • Structuring projects/repos
  • Permissions and Governance

Screaming Over Stream

Doublespeak in Tech

  • Phrasing that tech companies use that really could mean just about anything and confuse the heck out of everyone

They rearranged the deck chairs in Outlook and I don't like it

  • Search bar moved to title bar area, dropdown for filters hidden until clicked
  • Inline reply: Pop Out / Discard buttons swapped
  • Ribbon has been condensed / Some items have been relocated to inline reply only (Forward as attachment/Call/Reply with IM/Meeting)

Ask the Stiffs: Question of the Week

  • What is your favorite dongle?