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HTH0018: Don't Go JSON Waterfalls

Alternate episode name candidates:

  • It's-a me, MFArio!
  • Don't Go JSON Waterfalls
  • Sardines Oxley

Boot-Up (Intro…random topics)

It's-a me, MFArio!

State of the Zunion

  • Follow-up on Zune video converter - Anvsoft Any Video Converter has presets for converting to the correct video formats for Zune. Was also able to get a working MediaCoder preset for the Zune 80 and Zune HD at least.

Don't Go JSON Waterfalls - Running Windows Terminal as another user

  • GitHub Issue
  • I found a workaround for this by running the application as-is, and then just modifying the JSON config file to include entries to spawn PowerShell sessions as another user. Note that this will not get the new session to run a new tab, rather, it will launch a new window. It DOES work however as available drop-down options. Would be nice to see this baked into the application where instead of opening a new window, it will just open in-place as a new tab instead. Add new entry(ies) to your Windows Terminal's settings.json file, in the vein of the below examples:
  • Example code

“Unplanned Outage” (Sponsor section - "Hope this Helps is helped by…")

  • Next Generation IoT
  • Google Home with Poop Mode
  • Apple's new outdoor expansion: GnomePod
  • Even Amazon is getting in on the action - Introducing Amazon Home Fire. Engulf your whole dwelling

Don't forget to wash your sox

  • What is sox auditing?
  • The Sarbanes Oxley Act requires all financial reports to include an Internal Controls Report. This shows that a company's financial data are accurate (within 5% variance) and adequate controls are in place to safeguard financial data. Year-end financial disclosure reports are also a requirement. An independent external SOX auditor is required to review controls, policies, and procedures during a Section 404 audit.
  • Essentially the biggest yearly PIA

Configuring multiple managers of a single AD group

  • "Managed by" only lets you configure a single user as a manager, no groups.
  • Workaround via "write member" ACLs or Add-ADPermission
  • On the ACL, configure the principal, set it to "Allow" "This object only," ensuring only "write members" is checked.