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HTH0019: I Can't Promise That I Care

Alternate episode name candidates:

  • I'm Pretty Basic All Of The Time
  • I Can Shodan The World
  • An ARM and a Leg

Boot-Up (Random topics)

  • HTH will be compatible with Apple Silicon on day 1
  • Servers ain't cheap - they cost 100,000 bells in Animal Crossing
  • Steve is now AZ-900 certified…weeee
  • Saving vs autosaving in Word/Excel/PowerPoint when file is in M365
  • TPM corruptions/failures results in frustrations when using Office
  • No more MS Stores
  • Why did MS kill Mixer?
  • In Boston we don't care about'cha face
  • Authenticate an IMAP, POP or SMTP connection using OAuth
  • Changes to the Intune On-Premises Connector
  • Slack partners with Amazon to take on Microsoft Teams
  • KB4560960 causing printing issues
  • "After installing this update, certain printers might fail to print. The print spooler might throw an error or close unexpectedly when attempting to print, and no output will come from the affected printer. You might also encounter issues with the apps you are attempting to print from. You might receive an error from the app or the app might close unexpectedly. Note This issue might also affect software-based printers, for example printing to PDF.
  • This issue is resolved in KB4567512 - "Updates an issue that might prevent certain printers from printing, generate print errors, or cause apps and print spoolers to close unexpectedly." - Only available via Microsoft Update Catalog
  • TikTok is awful and horrible. It's a threat to your network.
  • "For what it's worth I've reversed the Instagram, Facebook, Reddit, and Twitter apps. They don't collect anywhere near the same amount of data that TikTok does, and they sure as hell aren't outright trying to hide exactly what's being sent like TikTok is. It's like comparing a cup of water to the ocean - they just don't compare."
  • The BYOD angle of TikTok
  • Banned in India

I Can Shodan The World

An ARM and a Leg / Apple Hills to Die On

  • WWDC Aftermath
  • Sysadmin stuff for Apple folk - Video
  • Highlights: iOS Mail and Exchange password change support, Azure AD sign in support for iOS/macOS
  • In the video at 1:32: "Microsoft Azerrrr Active Directory" vs 16:25 "Azure Active Directory"
  • Apple is being shady and inconsistent with the App Store.
  • "Microsoft’s concerns with Apple’s App Store are clear. The software maker, like other developers on Apple’s platform, must give Apple a 15% to 30% cut of any subscription to software such as Microsoft Office or their email program Microsoft Outlook. Microsoft can’t point customers to sign up on its website either as that would circumvent the Apple fee."
  • "Beyond productivity software, Apple’s App Store rules have prevented Microsoft, among others, from launching new and popular cloud gaming services on the iPhone and iPad, Bloomberg News reported earlier this year."
  • "Hey" is approved now
  • Catalyst and iOS/macOS compatibility still incoherent

That Is Accurate

  • Git was invented by Linus Torvalds in 2005

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