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HTH0022: After-Meeting Therapy

Alternate episode name candidates:

  • Arrrr, Here be the Azure Lighthouse
  • Hitting the End Call Button and Screaming
  • After-Meeting Therapy
  • Your Main Meat-and-Potatoes Code
  • Anecdotal and Memory Memorical Memoriam
  • The 10 Cloud Provider Commandments
  • The 10 Shadow IT Commandments
  • Salesforce The Musical

Boot up

  • Microsoft 365 Updated with New Security, Risk, Compliance Tools
  • Endpoint DLP and discussions on governance and legal
  • Writing scripts during the work day when working from home - who owns it?
  • Breaches
  • Garmin ransomwared by Evil Corp
  • Possibly unrelated, but NHPR and various universities using Blackbaud were also hit: "The security incident was far-reaching and involved a number of Blackbaud clients, including, universities, nonprofits, and other public media organizations."
  • Emo..what?
  • Remember LulzSec?
  • *Editor's note: For this topic, we were researching some of the facts live, a few awkward edits were made to cut out a few wrong assumptions
  • Why doesn't Teams just have a tabbed UI? Why does something I click take over the entire screen?
  • I feel inspired
  • A quick update on what happened this week at Microsoft Inspire
  • Azure Lighthouse is back from the dead?
  • The "After Meeting Experience" - this sounds dangerous

Hope This Helps Tip Of The Something

  • When you are a new sysadmin: Tricks to remember someone's name
  • Clarification: Yes you could check their Outlook, but what if they didn't have it? Also ethically questionable. You could also open Command Prompt and type "whoami" to get the username, or user PowerShell to run get-aduser on that username to get the first/last name.
  • Make a typo in Teams in your chat? Hit the up arrow twice to fix your mistake
  • Teams Drunk/Jerk Mode
  • Microsoft AI could correct your mean Teams messages?

Steve Does PowerShell - Don't Go Breakin' My Heart

  • The break (and exit) statement versus proceed flags (Booleans)
  • Correction: Break does not always kill a function; it may just quit out of a loop. It depends on the situation. Refer to MS Docs for details.
  • Example function with proceed flags

Declassified Sysadmin Stories: Cloud to Ground

  • That one time Steve had to move an org out of O365
  • No O365 admin, all Outlook PST exports were manual
  • AND build an Exchange 2013 Server from nothing within a month (eep)
  • Clear remnants of former decommissioned Exchange 2007 from environment first
  • Manipulate DNS to stop routing through O365
  • Use the same domain (how did this even work??)
  • Clear out a VMWare host to run the VM (15GB RAM free, ~1TB space)
  • Spam and spoofing problems
  • Had basically no tools to stop this
  • Blocking certain types of attachments via transport rules
  • Built in Exchange malware scanning did almost nothing
  • Trial anti-spam software (Sophos PureMessage kind of worked, GFI MailEssentials sucked, GFY)

That Is Accurate

Ask the Stiffs: Question of the Week

  • What would you include in a musical about sysadmins?
  • Numbers: "Please Advise," "Submit a Ticket," "We've Always Done It This Way"