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HTH0023: MMMMMMMBasic Authentication

Alternate episode name candidates:

  • Falafel Man
  • Lovingly Insulting Things
  • I Never Validate Feelings
  • Diversify My Cloud Provider Portfolio
  • We're All Weirdos Inside
  • Keep Callin' It DubSauce

Boot up

  • Risky Linux Google Search: "killall man"
  • Chicago PowerShell Conference reactions
  • "PowerShell 7 works with everything" wellllll kinda sorta….
  • Jeff Snover forgets to share his screen
  • VS Code PowerShell Notebook View - Sort of like JavaDoc?
  • PowerShellGet 3.0 / improvements to shell / "The rocket that is Visual Studio Code"
  • Function session
  • Should HTH do a conference?
  • Is there an easier way to tell who is presently in a Teams meeting?
  • Post-show follow-up: Go to your Teams Calendar, go to the meeting, go to "Chat" and there will be logs of who joined, when the meeting started, and when the meeting ended. If it is recurring, the history will also be there.
  • Patch your KeePassRPC file now
  • M365/EXO: You can now easily enable/disable your crappy legacy auth!
  • Windows 10 is Windows 5
  • Correction: Windows 7 was released 10/22/09, mainstream support indeed ended 1/14/20
  • Let's rank the cloud providers - OneDrive/Dropbox/Google Drive/Box Sync/iCloud
  • iCloud Drive sucks, I gave it a chance and it flunked when I needed it most
  • Steve's KeePass database got messed up multiple times
  • Versioning is only really semi-there if you have a Mac
  • Web interface is unacceptable
  • Worse than every other cloud service, including Box Sync
  • Comparison: OneDrive treats you like a first class citizen on macOS, while iCloud Drive treats you with contempt on Windows.

Hope This Helps Your Diet

  • Things to eat/drink while sysadmin-ing

Windows Updates are a headache

That Is Accurate

  • The Firefox Logo is in fact not a fox. It is a Red Panda.

Ask the Stiffs: Question of the Week

  • Do you prefer boring/informative server names or custom ones?
  • The case against names with spaces in them
  • "Macintosh HD" is a bad name for a hard drive