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HTH0024: By Accidentally Good Enough

Alternate episode name candidates:

  • It Looks Like Boobs
  • By Accidentally Good Enough
  • I Hope It Was Coherent
  • People Get Weird After 6PM
  • I Had To Make It Bigger

Boot up

  • WAC Corrections from HTH0020:
  • You can successfully add a group to the local administrators now it seems. When adding a user, enter the group in the syntax of "domainname\groupname"
  • Shared Connections pane now loads in Firefox it seems.
  • Salty Teams Logs
  • Patch KeePassRPC again - for additional protections (not as urgent)
  • FBI: Get off Windows 7 - Exploits being used in the wild
  • ...But who cares because there's Vulnerabilities Inside ™
  • Maybe Apple knew this in advance and that's why they're moving to ARM…
  • Discussion: Intel has really fallen behind in terms of progress
  • MS has had enough of the App Store rules - xCloud has been denied

I <3 Robocopy

  • Differentials
  • Retries
  • Works over spotty VPNs
  • Logging
  • Multithread options
  • The /mir switch
  • robocopy "C:\myfolder\thingtocopy" "D:\destfolder\thingtocopy" /mir /eta
  • Why isn't this just default in the GUI? PowerToys?
  • The Color Picker tool was recently added, so why not this too?

ITSM Escalation Do's and Don'ts:

That Is Accurate

  • "ALASKA" is the only geographical state whose name can be typed on the keyboard using only one row. Not accurate for AZERTY, or DVORAK though.

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