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HTH0026: Happy Monday On A Tuesday

We had a few audio glitches, apologies for the quality variance.

Alternate episode name candidates:

  • Chat Group Message Thingy
  • Custom Appendages in Teams
  • Might Want To Adjust Your Everything
  • A Necessary Mess
  • A For Aducation

Boot Up

Forward March

  • M365 External Email Forwarding changes
  • Basically a follow-up HTH0010 and this
  • Transport rule vs. anti-spam policies
  • As originally announced in MC218984 (July '20) automated external email forwarding is a tactic attackers use to exfiltrate data out of an organization. To counter that, we are updating our outbound anti-spam policies. First, we are providing a control to easily enable automatic external forwarding for select people in your organization. Second, we will change the “Automatic” setting to block automatic external forwarding. Internal automatic forwarding of messages will not be impacted by this change. NOTE: No action is needed if you don't want to allow any users to automatically forward messages externally or if no one in your tenant is currently doing so. Additionally, we understand that some organizations already have users automatically forwarding messages outside the organization and we will provide additional time and communications to enable transition to the new policy controls. For these organizations we will communicate via Message center with more details on when the change will impact your specific tenant.
  • We are also moving to disable external forwarding by default so organizations are secure by default.
  • Added to Roadmap: 5/1/2020, releases September CY2020, Action: review and assess by August 28, 2020

The World of E5

We Built this SYDI on Rock and Rollllll

Separating work from twerk

  • Keeping work from personal endpoints
  • When it's okay to use a personal machine
  • Cloud-based stuff
  • Non-VPN resources
  • Keep internal network/on-prem to work-issued hardware
  • If using a personal system: Don't download; Use web portals when able!
  • "In simple terms, MDM is about control of devices like smartphones and tablets, whereas MAM is focused on specific corporate applications and their related data. It’s very important to establish what you want to achieve with your mobile strategy, or you may find that you make the wrong decision." - Source
  • The OneDrive debacle (syncing things to non-work systems)
  • When does your personal system become a work asset?

That Is Accurate

  • Squeaky lobster is the name of a toy lobster in an MS Exchange love story, and would forever change MS influence MS product development.

Ask the Stiffs: Question of the Week

  • What is something you suck at as a sysadmin?
  • Steve's perpetually bad at subnetting
  • Tiff - anything networking (squee)