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HTH0028: Monetizable Rage

Alternate episode name candidates:

  • Microsoft Ignite Pre-Game Show Extravaganza
  • Microsoft Ignite RedZone
  • My Ignite Life is a Mess
  • Close Your Eyes and Poke the Screen
  • It's Worth The Rage
  • Monetizable Rage
  • You Screwed Up and I Suffer For It
  • A Webcam from the 1950s
  • Voluntold Experiences
  • Symantec, Theodore, and Alvin
  • I Like VS Code and that is Your Fault

Boot Up

  • #MSIgnite 2020!
  • Steve hates sticky monitor edges
  • NSFW: Arm workout: The Denny's Grand Slam
  • Software KVMs: Synergy versus Input Director versus Mouse Without Borders
  • CORRECTION: Input Director still exists.
  • Denny's at 3am isn't THAT exciting but Ignite at Denny's is an option
  • iOS 14 Mail changes - "admin approval" needed
  • Enterprise application name (same ID) and permissions appear to have changed with iOS 14
  • Supposed solution: update permissions to "re-approve" app or grant permissions for <org>
  • Or just use Outlook for iOS, it lets you accept calendar invites without sending a response!
  • Terrible places to put physical conference rooms (directly adjacent to bathrooms)
  • Changing app icons in iOS 14 via Shortcuts
  • Quick follow-up from HTH0025: CVE-2020-1472 has a proof of concept. Patch sooner rather than later.
  • Follow-up from HTH0027: SSU/LCU merge is not for Server OSes
  • Monetizable rage: Apple Watch AppleCare rant
  • Why do I have to send it in and wait for shipping? Why can't an Apple Store do it?
  • Had to wipe it before they would even ship the return box
  • "Your product arrived at our repair center, but our technicians weren't able to process your repair request. We’re sending the product to you along with a letter that provides more information."
  • "Our technicians performed complete diagnostics tests on your Apple Watch. They confirmed that it now meets Apple specifications for performance, usability, and functionality. Your Watch is operating above 80% of capacity. We provide battery service only for Watches operating at less than 80% of capacity."
  • 5 days of no watch for nothing
  • Losing the Exchange Online Lottery: "A very limited number of users may intermittently be unable to access Exchange Online via any connection method ID" - EX220974
  • User Impact: Users may be intermittently unable to access Exchange Online via any connection method.
  • Final status: We’re streamlining system processes to address database and communication inefficiencies that could result in delays accessing the service. We're continuing to monitor and analyze service telemetry, and in the event you are experiencing an Exchange Online issue with similar symptoms as to those described in this communication, please contact one of our support representatives so that we can investigate and address the problem.
  • Delayed Teams messages
  • Phishing issues
  • DigiCert emails fail SPF?
  • MICROSOFT IGNITE final thoughts
  • The Bud Light Showtime Cam - feature people with better cameras/internet please
  • The LG VX8100 and Tiff's first phone

Declassified Sysadmin Stories

  • Steve was hired for SCCM imaging
  • That one time Steve had to build an SCCM server from spare parts (PowerEdge 1950)
  • Imaging labs and classrooms with WDS/SCCM - Network congestion, Before and After
  • Image cleanup and optimization
  • What do you mean pushing out a 100GB+ image is insane?
  • Tiff went from imaging mac labs to an exchange admin

That is Accurate

  • MAC is not the same as Mac
  • MAC Filtering and MAC randomization
  • Side note: Game Boy is two words, not one.
  • Lego versus Legos
  • An insane way to pronounce Symantec

Ask the Stiffs: Question of the Week

  • What are some of your favorite free tools/utilities you use as a sysadmin?
  • Steve likes: VS Code, Windows Terminal, Everything, ShareX, RoboCopy, WinDirStat
  • My work computer -Tiff

Outro - "Plus Delta"

  • We're on Amazon Music
  • Check out Steve's solo podcast (coming in October 2020 hopefully): Things Learned