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HTH0029: I Am A Single Core Brain

Alternate episode name candidates:

  • Borka Borka
  • We've Conducted Outage Therapy
  • Soaked In All The Tech
  • The Smell Of 50,000 People

Boot Up

  • M365 outage
  • MO222965 - What is the point of posting this to a portal nobody can get to?
  • "Current status: We've identified and are reverting a recent change to the service which may be causing or contributing to impact."
  • "We're not observing an increase in successful connections after rolling back a recent change. We're working to evaluate additional mitigation solutions while we investigate the root cause. Please visit for additional information on this issue."
  • Root Cause Analysis posted
  • Root Cause: On September 28 at 21:25 UTC, a service update targeting an internal validation test ring was deployed, causing a crash upon startup in the Azure AD backend services. A latent code defect in the Azure AD backend service Safe Deployment Process (SDP) system caused this to deploy directly into our production environment, bypassing our normal validation process.
  • Automated rollback failed due to the corruption of the SDP metadata. At 22:47 UTC we initiated the process to manually update the service configuration which bypasses the SDP system, and the entire operation completed by 23:59 UTC.
  • Ignite post-game show
  • Thoughts overall
  • NO SWAG!
  • Also the Vmware VMWorld post-game show within a show
  • Physical Ignite is so much better
  • Azure VMware Solution
  • Microsoft Announces Ignite, Part 2, is Happening in March
  • Exchange – Here, There and Everywhere - External Forwarding Command Center and Certificate-Based Authentication (CBA). On-prem Exchange now subscription only
  • PowerShell Unplugged - Challenge Edition
  • Taking your automation to the next level with PowerShell 7
  • Microsoft Mechanics 2020
  • RIP Defender ATP, new name Microsoft Defender for Endpoint
  • Video Hub
  • Random bug of the day
  • When using multiple Container tabs/accounts for the same website, Twitter/Anchor in Firefox seems to require a cached reload (CTRL F5) for likes/retweets/notification counts to clear. Anchor needs it for certain settings to save.


  • Why Vlookup
  • Say your master server inventory is inconsistent with your VMWare inventory, how do you find out what's missing? Vlookup
  • How Vlookup
  • Syntax: Source cell, Range to look up, column index, exact match (false most of the time)
  • Who Vlookup
  • People in a hurry
  • Where Vlookup
  • Say you are trying to merge multiple lists of data. How do you link them? Vlookup + copy + "Paste values"

Declassified Sysadmin Stories: The impossible wifi project

  • (What happens when a sysadmin attempts a wifi project by himself)
  • Project was in 2016
  • Replace ancient HP Procurve wireless infrastructure with Cisco infrastructure
  • ProCurve 420 and 530 WAPs
  • Rebootable via PoE, they frequently died
  • Perform tests all over campus, run scans, tests, learn a lot of about radios
  • Test with lights on, lights off, doors open/closed, microwaves, bathrooms, water, etc
  • Vistumbler, Airport Utility, RSSI
  • Carts with long cables
  • Limited number of Cisco APs (30 Aironet CAP1602i), not enough to cover the campus
  • MAC-Daddy registration for all standard wifi devices, ancient Linux box, student project from years past that became production
  • Learned all about RADIUS (NPS)
  • MAC registration for non-802.1x compliant devices
  • Test things like Zune HD, Wii U, Wii U in Wii Mode, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, 3DS, Android Tablets, TVs, etc
  • Visual Studio .NET app called MacDaddyJr - Form to CSV - PS Scheduled Task to create AD Users for MACs, add to group, change primary group
  • Manually build out two Cisco WLC 2500s for the APs to talk to + interface with parent company controller
  • Summer of wiring
  • Impossible fiber line repair: Line going from campus to building we didn't own with difficult owner to athletics building/hangar that was rarely used in the first place

That is Accurate

Ask the Stiffs: Question of the Week

  • What is your favorite current piece of tech [wrong answers only]?