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HTH0030: Moo With Me

Alternate episode name candidates:

  • The Boost Mobile 5G Experience
  • Sometimes You Can Just Taste a Font
  • Banana Cream Nanometer 5G
  • A Sad Billy on Christmas
  • Additional Scrooge Money
  • We Can Be Old, Cranky, and Right
  • An Equal State of Mess
  • The Therapy Angle

Boot Up

Microsoft 365-hours-of-downtime

  • (365 hours=15 days)
  • Speaking of dead: M365 goes down once again 10/7/20
  • Admin portal down again 10/14/20 for 4 hours
  • EX223890: Admins intermittently can't create or migrate mailboxes in Exchange Online
  • Scope of impact: Any admin attempting to create or migrate mailboxes may have been intermittently affected.
  • "Creation of shared mailbox failed Error: Error executing request. The required heat maps have not yet been built. Please try again later."
  • Start time: Thursday, October 8, 2020, at 9:08 AM UTC
  • End time: Monday, October 12, 2020, at 4:59 AM UTC
  • Happened AGAIN EX224151 (Started 10/13/20, ended 10/14/20, MS appeared to merge info with EX223890)
  • AGAIN! EX224497 - Admins are unable to migrate mailboxes to the Exchange Online service 10/19/20
  • EX224266 - Some users may be unable to send email messages
  • Started 10/8/20 10:54 AM, resolved 10/21/20 (13 days later)
  • MO222734 (10/14/20) and MO224234 (10/14/20) - admin center down
  • MO224463 Admin Center health status down 10/18
  • Improve your change management ASAP!
  • What's their SLA, anyway?
  • Official SLA documents
  • Teams/Exchange Online SLA:
  • Teams Downtime: Any period of time when end users are unable to see presence status, conduct instant messaging conversations, or initiate online meetings.
  • Exchange Downtime: Any period of time when users are unable to send or receive email with Outlook Web Access. There is no Scheduled Downtime for this service.
  • ( (User minutes minus downtime) / user minutes ) x 100
  • < 99.9% uptime equals 25% service credit
  • <99% uptime equals 50% service credit
  • <95% uptime equals 100% service credit
  • Azure services SLA:
  • Broken down by service (too many)
  • Biased towards Azure (measured against ALL Azure services)
  • "Multiply SLAs to determine overall SLA of the solution"
  • Example: Web App + SQL + AAD: 99.95% x 99.99% x 99.99% = 99.84%
  • General idea is (variables vary): ( ( Max available minutes - downtime) / maximum available minutes ) x 100
  • <99.9% uptime equals 10% service credit
  • <99% uptime equals 25% service credit

What makes a good help desk?

  • If a customer says "The tier 1 people don't know anything" it's not a good help desk
  • "If I need something done, I know [which Tier 3 people] to ask" <--a bad sign that Tier 1 is failing
  • Foster confidence in the customer by having a great tier 1 that can actually do things
  • Is the best support person a Tier 2/3 employee?
  • Common sense and technical skill and customer service ability
  • ITIL and shift-left
  • Great documentation for self-service
  • Empower Tier 1 to get the customer to the answer

The Therapy Angle

Advanced Audit in Microsoft 365

  • Coming 2021
  • Now requires an additional license if you have 10 years or more of data

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