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HTH0032: Dangling DNS Domains

Alternate episode name candidates:

  • Undead World Dominance
  • Die Your Way To The Top
  • Moffice 365
  • We Think You Should Also Laugh
  • We Love Our Dear Yammer

Boot Up


  • Don't be afraid of failing projects

When A Problem Comes Along, 7-zip it

  • Deploy SCCM/MEMC M/SMS Payloads better: Large applications with large size & many files? 7-zip it!
  • Include the 7-zip executable and DLL, and include a script to locally extract and THEN install.

Microsoft's product names are annoying

  • Defender ATP is called what now?
  • Moffice 365?
  • Sharepoint Syntex? WTF is this

Some new Teams Features

  • Timed statuses
  • Statuses from Skype for Business/Outlook (OOO/Invisible)

That is Accurate

  • Tiff and Steve are Advanced Glasses Users

Ask the Stiffs: Question of the Week

  • What is the dumbest acquisition you can think of?
  • Microsoft buys OnlyFans and makes it a social network merged with Yammer

Outro - "Plus Delta"

  • 12/8/20 4pm Australian time - Tiff and Adam Fowler - How to Keep Up with Microsoft
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