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HTH0034: The Hill I Like to Die On

Alternate episode name candidates:

  • Heineken Happenin' Is Not Happenin'
  • The Okayest Browser
  • It Smells Like Dashboard In Here

Boot Up

Modern Workplace

Magsafe is back I guess, what are your thoughts?

DevOps versus ITIL

  • How to Win the Battle Over Change Management
  • "ING found it was able to modify ITIL to work within its new DevOps appr oach. “Don’t do everything the ITIL book says,” advised Jan-Joost Bouwman, ITSM process owner at ING. And yet, following ITIL for practices such as incident management are “still the best way to do it, because everybody knows what to do and you don’t get confused about the rules.”"

Look at all this licensing

Docker Container of the Week

Outro - "Plus Delta"