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HTH0035: Where Is My Year Of Yammer?

Alternate episode name candidates:

  • A Lot of Monitors Or A Lot of Gumption

Boot Up


  • Where is my #YearOfYammer?

MS Defender for Sanity's Endpoint

  • Defender for Endpoint (Formerly ATP) Onboarding documentation
  • Let's start with the good: Microsoft Monitoring Agent (MMA) documentation is actually pretty good/straightforward.
  • But after that, the info on antivirus becomes much less clear
  • Why is there little to mention of the SCEP setup?
  • Configure Endpoint Protection on a standalone client
  • So I need SCCM no matter what? Even though I can install SCEP with no policies? What if I don't have/want/need SCCM? I thought the web console was the central management!
  • "Configure the SCEP client Cloud Protection Service membership to the Advanced setting" but the SCEP client has no such settings. There's "send file samples automatically when further analysis is required" and advanced Microsoft Active Protection Service (MAPS) membership options. Are these the same…??
  • MS MVP Joe Stocker explains it better than MS in terms of what OS needs what in fewer words and links
  • January 2017 anti-malware platform update for Endpoint Protection clients
  • Why do I need to view the source code to see the KB number? (KB3209361)
  • <meta name="awa-kb_id" content="3209361" />
  • Why is the KB not available on the Update catalog?
  • Why do I need to use freakin PSWindowsUpdate to install this?

That is Accurate

  • PSWindowsUpdate lets you pick and choose which updates to install on Windows 10, Server 2016/2019.