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HTH0038: Complain-O-Meter

Alternate episode name candidates:

  • Not That I Have Access to an Elephant
  • HIPPA Or FERPA Or Whatever PA
  • Such a Sad Brag
  • Hot out of Scrum Training
  • Fall is a Great Holiday and a Sport


  • OWA Suggested Pre-reads on meeting reminders, interesting idea
  • Not mad, just disappointed: Cloud shell kinda sucks, I'm complaining about it
  • Cloud Shell enables access to a browser-based command-line experience built with Azure management tasks in mind. Leverage Cloud Shell to work untethered from a local machine in a way only the cloud can provide.
  • Connect-MSOLService doesn't work with it
  • Times out too fast (20 minutes)
  • No on-prem Exchange connectivity
  • Documentation is out of date, Connect-EXOPSession is for the old Exchange module and doesn't seem to support the new REST based commands? You can install the new EXO PowerShell module though, but that's a separate thing
  • Dumb
  • Set-MSOLUserLicense is going away
  • Instead, it's now Microsoft Graph PowerShell: Set-MgUserLicense
  • Avoid this issue entirely by setting up Group-based licensing in Azure Active Directory
  • The importance of learning programming/scripting/CLI/DevOps, Infrastructure-As-Code, etc.
  • Being cloud-first changes sysadmin job roles
  • Steve figures out git branching
  • Scrum, orgs adapting to agile, etc
  • The Scrum Guide
  • (not, that takes you to ESPN Rugby)

Windows Admin Center annoys me immensely, but it does work I guess

Defender for Endpoint device inventory/search/dashboards/reports could be better

InfoSec - The new Sysadmin

The OWA Experience

  • Missing UI elements
  • Flagged items in a sidebar
  • Has a "To Do" panel but it doesn’t include flagged items
  • Calendar flyout is not expanded by default
  • Categories (already discussed at length in our blog)
  • [old man complaint] Forward as Attachment is different
  • guide on how to do it in OWA
  • Meeting notifications aren't prominent/obnoxious enough
  • No unread "group by folder" view
  • Can't add an Office 365 Group as a favorite like you can in Outlook
  • Table management in OWA email composition is bugged
  • Can't set specific to-do dates for flagged items?