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HTH0042: You had me at Graph, You lost me at API

Alternate episode name candidates:

  • I Don't Need Any More Experiences
  • Thank You For Not Hanging Up
  • Meeting Wind
  • I'm Not Huge Into Mastication
  • Eew, JSON


  • BSoDs and error messages
  • Don't turn off your PC
  • Phrases I don't wanna hear anymore: "Thank you for your time."
  • Microsoft Teams - Send praise to people
  • Better meeting etiquette
  • The stigma against accepting a meeting as "tentative"
  • Accepting and not sending a response
  • Shower thought: There should be a "Mute Mic AND Turn Webcam Off" button in Teams
  • Parasocial relationships
  • Real-time followup: There's a PowerToy for it! Go check it out.
  • Microsoft Authenticator improvements
  • Suspected Russian Activity Targeting Government and Business Entities Around the Globe: "Mandiant has also observed the threat actor executing multiple authentication attempts in short succession against accounts secured with multi-factor authentication (MFA). In these cases, the threat actor had a valid username and password combination. Many MFA providers allow for users to accept a phone app push notification or to receive a phone call and press a key as a second factor. The threat actor took advantage of this and issued multiple MFA requests to the end user’s legitimate device until the user accepted the authentication, allowing the threat actor to eventually gain access to the account."

PowerShell Drunk Jawer (it's like a Junk Drawer shut up)

“Unplanned Outage” (Sponsor section - “Hope this Helps is helped by…‘)

  • The rewind button. Be sure to rewind this podcast when done listening so the next person doesn't have to

Outro - "Plus Delta"