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HTH0043: Microsoft Viva Las Vegas

Alternate episode name candidates:

  • Riding the Bicycle on the Treadmill
  • Hot Holes In Walls
  • A Planned Hole In A Wall
  • A Planned Disaster
  • I Want It To Be As Ugly As Possible
  • OneNote Brings The Ugly
  • I'm Turning It Off Because It Sucks
  • Viva Las Moments
  • Microsoft Viva La Vida


Windows 11

  • Thoughts on Windows 11
  • Zune Software in Windows 11
  • Linux Mint
  • What the heck is up with the TPM requirements?
  • Skip_TPM_Check_on_Dynamic_Update.cmd
  • Feature updates called “moments”


  • Windows Co-Pilot, GitHub Co-Pilot, etc.
  • GitHub Co-Pilot's tendencies to suggest other people's code without credit or licensing
  • Remember Cortana?

The end of Windows?

The Year(s) of Linux

  • In January 2022, Steve moved to Linux on his main desktop - Linux Mint
  • So far, nearly every app, feature, and core experience made the jump without much fuss
  • Linux Mint is very Windows-like
  • OneNote on the web just isn't there yet. I have a VM to run the Windows version (it doesn't work in Wine)
  • Mini-state of the Zunion: It’s capable of browsing files on a connected Zune device, USB passthru to VirtualBox works
  • Teams on Linux needs work
  • Asks for a login every time
  • Input/output sound devices get confused during calls - unusable
  • Just use in a browser
  • Steam/Proton is fantastic for gaming
  • Should you do it?
  • If you're willing to put up with learning fast and researching community fixes
  • Most Microsoft-based stuff will work on Linux, with the exception of OneNote which is stuck being web-based (or use a VM)